Portable - Spiderman
  • Artist: Portable
  • Title: Spiderman
  • Genre: AfroBeat

Download Spiderman by Portable

The Nigerian singer-songwriter and performer, known for his energetic style and catchy tunes, is back with a fresh track for 2024. “Spiderman” promises to be another hit for Portable, who’s signed with the Zeh Nation record label.

While details are still emerging, music fans are buzzing about “Spiderman” based on Portable’s past successes. News of the song even sparked some online discussion, with some fans speculating the title might reference his agility during a recent incident (avoid mentioning details of the incident).

One thing’s for sure: with “Spiderman” produced by the talented 2Tuponthebeat, known for his work with other Afrobeats stars, this new track is sure to be a banger! Keep an eye out for “Spiderman” to hit your playlists soon.

Listen and enjoy Portable Spiderman below

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