If Nigeria Fails, Igbos Are Going To Suffer More Than Any Tribe - Iwuanyanwu

If Nigeria Fails, Igbos Are Going To Suffer More Than Any Tribe - Iwuanyanwu

High Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, has emphasized the critical need for the Igbo community to support President Bola Tinubu’s administration, warning that the Igbos would face the most severe consequences if Nigeria failed.

His remarks were made during a meeting with members of the Igbo Community Assembly at his residence in Abuja last week. Explaining the political dynamics, Iwuanyanwu highlighted that the Igbos did not initially support President Tinubu in the recent elections, driven by the belief that it was time for a Southeasterner to lead the nation.

However, following the official election results confirmed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and upheld by the apex court, Iwuanyanwu declared that the Igbos would fully support the current administration.

“So, as your leader, I have proclaimed that Igbos, as good citizens of Nigeria, will support him. We are going to support him because we want Nigeria to be a success. If Nigeria fails, Igbos are going to suffer more than any tribe,” stated Iwuanyanwu.

He further elaborated on the reasons behind this stance, noting the substantial investments made by the Igbo community across the nation, particularly in cities like Abuja. “If Nigeria is a corporate body like a company, I think we (Igbos) have more investments than many other tribes. Like Abuja for example, the Igbos have a lot of investment here. So if Nigeria has a problem, Igbos are going to suffer,” he explained.

Iwuanyanwu also called for fair treatment from the federal government in return, stressing the importance of safeguarding Igbo investments and rights within the federation. “I think it is my duty as your leader to say that we are going to give every support we can to help the government to succeed. But we also expect the government to reciprocate the gesture by ensuring that what belongs to us is given to us,” he said.

Reflecting on his personal connections and past political engagements, Iwuanyanwu recounted his relationships with figures such as MKO Abiola and noted his long-standing acquaintance with Tinubu, which dates back to their mutual efforts for Abiola. He reassured his community that supporting Tinubu’s government was a strategic move aimed at ensuring stability and prosperity for the Igbos in Nigeria.

The Igbo leader’s call for support comes at a time when national unity and cooperation are seen as pivotal for addressing Nigeria’s myriad challenges. Iwuanyanwu’s statements have ignited discussions on the role of ethnic communities in national politics and their impact on the collective quest for a prosperous Nigeria.

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