TheCute Abiola (Lawyer Kunle) - Painful Exit (Comedy Video)
Mr Funny - Pastor Sabinus Deliverance Session (Comedy Video)
Woli Agba – Job Swap (Comedy Video)
Zfancy - Gold Digger Boyfriend Part 2 (Prank Video)
Taaooma – Baba Tao vs Femi Mecho In The Mud (Comedy Video)
Mr Funny - Sabinus the P.O.S Man (Comedy Video)
Isbae U - The Robbery Prank (Comedy Video)
Oluwadolarz – Soldier's Daughter (Comedy Video)
Isbae U - Beware of this Gender (Comedy Video)
Babarex – My Last House Help [Episode 5] (Comedy Video)
MC Lively – Two Blessings In One (Comedy Video)
Mark Angel TV - The Petition [Episode 77] (Comedy Video)
MC Lively – Tunde Danger Goes Undercover (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi – Bread Seller  (Comedy Video)
Mark Angel – Police Officer Part 9 (Episode 331) (Comedy Video)
TheCute Abiola - Gargantuan Neighbor (Comedy Video)
Bovi - Back To School: Graduation Season [Episode 04] (Comedy Video)
Twyse - Anniversary Isonu (Comedy Video)
Officer Woos – The Barber's Apprentice (Comedy Video)
Woli Agba - Egungun Visit IPM (Comedy Video)

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