MC Lively – Set Awon Bandits (Comedy Video)
Zfancy - Oluwadolarz Mum Prank (Comedy Video)
Mr Funny - Sabinus and Gonorrhea (Comedy Video)
Taaooma – Marriage Spice Up Gone Wrong (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni – Be At Alert (Comedy Video)
Mark Angel TV - Appointed Caretaker [Episode 87] (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi & Officer Woos – The Mission (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi – 3 Mad Men (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - Party Crashers [Episode 112] (Comedy Video)
Mr Funny - Investor Sabinus and Barrister Mike (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - Weekend Getaway (Part 1) [Episode 107] (Comedy Video)
Zfancy - Sydney Talker & Nasboi Prank (Prank Video)
MC Lively – The Bride Price (Comedy Video)
House Of Ajebo – Papa Tegwolo's Plan (Comedy Video)
Brainjotter – How To Spend 2 Million (Comedy Video)
Mr Funny - Sabinus Mind Your Business (Comedy Video)
Pencil D Comedian – The Joke Interview (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni – Ronaldo Is The Best (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - The French Job [Episode 117] (Comedy Video)
Taaooma – First Date Question (Comedy Video)

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