KieKie - Hunger Abi FFO (Comedy Video)
Woli Agba – Job Swap (Comedy Video)
Akpan and Oduma - Final Destination (Comedy Video)
Woli Agba - The Best Of Woli Agba (Skits Compilation)
Akpan and Oduma - Copy Cat (Comedy Video)
Oluwadolarz – Lieutenant Otondo (Comedy Video)
KieKie - Na Wetin Trend (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi – 3 Mad Men (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - The Spy [Episode 136] (Comedy Video)
TheCute Abiola - The Crazy Sister (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi  Fairly Used Cucumber (Comedy Video)
MC Lively – The Guarantor (Comedy Video)
Akpan and Oduma - Free Ride (Comedy Video)
House Of Ajebo – School Fees Wahala (Comedy Video)
Edem Victor - Pregnancy (Comedy Video)
Babarex – My Last House Help [Episode 5] (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni – The Okada Rider (Comedy Video)
Xploit Comedy – Imported African Spider Man [Episode 1] (Video)
Mr Funny - Sabinus The Security Man (Comedy Video)
Zicsaloma - Different People You Correct Their English Grammar

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