Woli Agba โ€“ Chained Praise Or Chain Of Praise (Comedy Video)
Oluwadolarz – Soldiers At War (Comedy Video)
Taaooma โ€“ First Date Question (Comedy Video)
House Of Ajebo โ€“ Go back to your Father's House (Comedy Video)
Taaooma โ€“ Car Race (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni & Bovi โ€“ Twitter Ban In Nigeria (Comedy Video)
Brainjotter โ€“ Beggers Lives Matters (Comedy Video)
Bro Bouche โ€“ I Was Just Trying To Help (Comedy Video)
Woli Agba - Afraid Or Scared? (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - The Bench [Episode 133] (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi โ€“ International MUA (Comedy Video)
Twyse - Wa Ti Ma Gbo (Comedy Video)
Isbae U - Is In Need of Help (Comedy Video)
Broda Shaggi โ€“ Omoge Choko (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni โ€“ Tenants Caught In The Act (Comedy Video)
Mr Funny - Sabinus And Bad Luck (Comedy Video)
Mark Angel โ€“ Police Officer Part 11 (Episode 343) (Comedy Video)
KieKie - Wrong Timing (Comedy Video)
Akpan and Oduma - Surprise Proposal (Comedy Video)
TheCute Abiola - The Debtor (Comedy Video)

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