LaughPillsComedy - Bad Friend (Comedy Video)
Isbae U - Fortunate Female Beggars (Comedy Video)
Isbae U - Detective (Comedy Video)
Isbae U - The Klepto (Comedy Video)
Brainjotter โ€“ Worse First Date Ever (Comedy Video)
Akpan and Oduma - Trapped (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - Weekend Getaway (Part 1) [Episode 107] (Comedy Video)
Bovi - Back To School: Graduation Season [Episode 02] (Comedy Video)
Oluwadolarz & KieKie - Settling Down (Comedy Video)
Officer Woos – Twin Brother (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni โ€“ Final Year Project (Comedy Video)
Frank Donga โ€“ Politicians Are Scared Of This (Comedy Video)
Akpan and Oduma - Footballers' Salary (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni โ€“ PS5 Game (Comedy Video)
Brainjotter โ€“ Beggers Lives Matters (Comedy Video)
TheCute Abiola - VIP Bathroom (Comedy Video)
Yawa Skits - Party Crashers [Episode 112] (Comedy Video)
Brainjotter โ€“ The Therapy (Comedy Video)
MC Lively โ€“ The Bride Price (Comedy Video)
Mr Macaroni โ€“ Kanayo My In-Law (Comedy Video)

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